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Since 2014, We Are Abundance Tribe has been teaching people about the amazing benefits of essential oils. Not that cheap fragrance stuff trying to pose an essential oil.  The real ones.  The ones that you can feel safe + confident using on your loved ones. We  ♥️ Young Living essential oils. They represent the best of nature—no compromises.



We Are Abundance Tribe started as a simple one-girl account. Today, we are nearly 1,000 families strong — and we've grown by sharing how simple and effective it is to use Young Living essential oils for just about everything. 



No complicated CRAP.

No CRAZY expectations.


We keep it simple.


Since the beginning of recorded history, plants have provided rare and powerful extracts and essences that have been the basis for herbal and botanical medicines for thousands of years. These are the easy tools that your great-great-granny used in a simpler time. A time before big pharma made it way too complicated.


We want to show you that wellness can be effortless with the right tools.


Whether this is your first step toward living a cleaner, greener, more health-conscious life, or you’ve been a long time devotee of green living just looking for better options, we are excited to welcome you to the tribe.


We’re an impossibly eclectic group of oil junkies and all-around dreamers.  We passionately believe in living a life full of purpose, wellness, and adventure, full of good food, great friends, tribe vibes, broadened horizons and a spirit of abundance. 


We are so grateful that essential oils just happen to make that all possible!

We would love to have you join us!

meet our leadership

Hannah Shields

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Hi there! I'm Hannah and I am a currently a Gold leader within Young Living. Thanks so much for giving me a moment to introduce myself.


When I got my Premium Starter Kit almost 4 years ago, I had no idea how much my life would be changed for the better. I gotta be honest...before I started using Young Living essential oils in 2014 I was riding the Hot Mess Express. I was living on 5-6 coffees a day. Sometimes more. I felt terrible all the time. I was in full adrenal burn out. My liver, kidneys, and adrenals were screaming for mercy. Literally giving me the “Dear God, why?!” And don't even get me started on my wackadoo hormones. Within a few months of using the oils regularly, I was hooked. I knew that these products would be a part of my life forever. 

I continue to use Young Living essential oils because they have changed my life and changed my family’s lives. I continue to use Young Living essential oils because I get to see it change other peoples lives like. Some have greater victories than me.


Young Living essential oils have blessed me beyond measure. I am so thankful for these God-given tools from nature and for the care that Young Living puts into planting, harvesting, distilling, testing, and sealing every single one. 


Experiencing the immense joy that comes from sharing wellness, purpose, and abundance with others has not only given me my health back but it has given me freedom. Can it really get any better than that?


To see my tribe growing in abundance with a mindset of true purpose, makes my heart leap with joy and gratitude. I cannot wait to welcome you into our tribe and help you live a life of true abundance.

Bart Shields

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Hi, I'm Bart. 


"You mean like, Bart Simpson?" Yes, yes, I have heard it all. I'm not a Bartholomew or a Bartimaes. Yup, just Bart, aka The Big Vegan Ginger


I am a Gold leader within Young Living, but my biggest claim to fame is being the strapping stud muffin to that girl ☝️ there, Hannah Shields.


When we received our starter kit in May 2014, our oily shenanigans were afoot. At the time, I was working full time as a Respiratory Equipment Tech, while Hannah was going to college full time and getting her Graphic Design business off the ground. We were raising our son, Samuel, and getting ready to have our second son, Moses. Life with 2 kids, full-time jobs, businesses and responsibilities was BUSY and I was not sleeping well. Hannah suggested that I try Cedarwood. With some skepticism, I began putting Cedarwood on the bottom of my big toe each night. It was working! One night I went without just to see if it really was this crazy oil that made the difference. The next morning, I was forced to begin my own oil journey lamenting my realization that my wife was right, once again...


To put it bluntly, life is good. I am forever changed by this Young Living experience. We have traveled the globe and served with the Young Living Foundation alongside some of the most incredible people. We’ve made new friends and taken trips together to leadership events. We’ve had our perceptions shattered, rebuilt and then stood on their head. We’ve learned to trust the law of attraction and the abundance that flows freely when we focus on giving and sharing with others.


These past few years working with our tribe, sharing our love for these amazing products, and developing leaders have been the most amazing years of my life. I am so humbled and grateful for our tribe and our extended Young Living family. If you are ready to live like no one else and do this with us, now is the time! I can't wait to give you a big ginger-sized hug!

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