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Kaylee Jahns

San Diego, CA

About 3 1/2 years ago, I decided to make one of the most abundant purchases of my life! I decided to purchase my own Premium Starter Kit and not borrow my moms anymore. This was one of the most amazing purchases I have ever made for my health, wellness, happiness, and financial freedom! Sometimes people think I’m a hippie or doing witch craft because whenever something is going on I am always saying “Oh, I have an oil for that” or “I love this oil because it does (BLANK) for me!” but the reality is I am just filling my life with such amazing products. Now I can’t go a day without using clean supplements, clean make up, clean products on my body! As I learn the harms of the world around us, all the chemicals that are infiltrated into every product we use on our skins, our supplements, our food; all I can think is “Wow, am I blessed to have a company that not only thinks of my well-being and my health, but they are the ones creating the products to give me a chemical free life!” They provide me the opportunity to not only give myself the best life I can for myself but also the privilege to share this life with anyone and everyone around me! Now that these 3 1/2 years have passed, I can’t imagine my life without Young Living! When I put my make up on every day I can’t help but smile knowing I am loving my face with beautiful make up and its clean of all chemicals! When I am taking a shower or washing my face I know the products I’m using don’t have hormone disrupters or harsh chemicals filling my blood stream. These products are filled with our Earth’s blessings! These products and essential oils have provided me such mental clarity, support and physical wellness and health. If you are wondering about what products in your life are doing you harm feel free to ask and I am beyond happy to share a life with you that will benefit the health and well being of you and your family! You will not regret making the choice to be free of harmful products and in the presence of ones that give you support and love!

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