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Savannah Villavicencio

Fountain Valley, California

Hi there! I’m Savannah and I’m here to share a little bit about how i got started with Young living and how it has amazingly changed my life! So I’ve been a member for a little while now and I first got my starter kit because one of the ladies at my church started using them and she seemed pretty into them. Now this girl is pretty healthy and is good about what she puts on her body so I said “well if Ami is using it, it must be good!” ‘Cause she’s got that much of an impact on my life lol. So I bought a kit and HOLY CANNOLI best decision EVER! So before using oils I had the hardest time sleeping... like the hardest time. I would maybe sleep two three hours a night. Now I use Lavender every night on the bottoms of each big toe and BAM! Sleeping through the night! What!? It’s amazing guys! Also before oils I was living off of three to four cups of coffee a day, constant headaches and constantly taking ibuprofen which then messed up my liver, stomach issues... the list goes on and on. Now instead of reaching for those nasty meds I reach for those beautiful healthy God given oils for everything! No more headaches, no more stomach issues, no more million cups of coffee a day to keep me going. Now I have these oils that not only help me but also my family! I love young living and everything that comes with it! I have not only seen and felt great things happen to me but I get to see my friends and family who use young living change for the better! And now I can’t wait to see how they change and affect your life for the better!

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