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The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Spring is here, people! It's a great time of year to evaluate your skin care routine. You've been covered up all winter trying to keep warm, but now that the sun is out and you aren't freezin' your butt off, it's time to look in the mirror and do something about that chapped winter skin. It's time to moisturize! In this issue of the tribe tribune, we are going to cover all the ooey-gooey info on how to give your skin that soft, dewey glow that is perfect for rockin' those summer clothes. Let's dive right in...




Did you know that there is an order to a great skin care routine? The order varies only slightly from one authority to the next, but when you attend a Young Living Beauty School (and you should because they’re amazing), they recommend that you follow this protocol for our products: 1) Cleanse, 2) Exfoliate (odd or even days), 3) Tone, 4) Oil massage (optional), 5) Art renewal serum, 6) Moisturize, 7) Wolfberry Eye Cream & Sheerlume (which is currently available on quick order only, but OH it's been out of stock for so long! All the HEARTS for it's return! From here you either happily go off to bed or continue with Young Living sunscreen, then Savvy makeup.

Written by Holly Haeger of Essentially Brave Thymes

Frankincense and Myrrh. There is a reason why these two substances have been used for centuries for skin care and beauty. Highly prized by the upper classes of many ancient cultures, probably most notably the Egyptians, Frankincense and Myrrh are key ingredients in maintaining youthful and undamaged skin. Young Living’s Boswellia Wrinkle Cream is certainly my personal favorite facial cream, but even so, I still apply Frankincense and Myrrh to my face daily. I’ve been known to apply these neat to my face, but I’ve recently enjoyed applying them by making my own facial serum which I apply just after toning both morning and night. These are two powerful essential oils that belong in every woman's arsenal for daily self care. (See below for DIY Serum recipe)

Written by Holly Haeger of Essentially Brave Thymes


What’s your skin type? It’s such a funny question because not only does this vary from place to place on the body, but it also changes over time. Chances are you’ve been every skin type at one point or another or will be. Regardless, most of us can characterize our skin as either being dry, oily, or a combination. Another category is problematic, but this should be temporary and not part of your base “type”. Though there is no exact guide to which products and oils are best for you, there are some general guidelines that are helpful. For example, it’s good to know the range of Young Living’s moisturizers - lightest to heaviest, and also know some basic oils for your skin type.

Written by Holly Haeger of Essentially Brave Thymes


DIY Facial serum for correction, facial massage, or post moisturizer setting: In a 1 oz glass bottle with dropper, add 4 drops ea. of 4-5 of your facial oils of choice. A good place to start is with Frankincense and Myrrh, then add something floral like Joy (avoid citruses due to photo-sensitivity). Fill the rest of the bottle with a facial appropriate carrier oil: Some of my favorites are Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. Though coconut oil is popular, it is problematic and even drying for many skin types. Make sure it works for you before choosing it.


Savvy Minerals Blush, do you Savvy? I love these blushes! From contour to highlights, from cheeks to eye-shadows, from dry to misted with Savvy Mineral Spray, these blushes are SO beautiful yet versatile. You should always buy two of these because there are two different kinds. There are two Matte shades: Captivate & Serene, and the rest have a light shimmer. Matte colors are best for contour and setting off your cheek bones and angles; the shimmer tones are best for highlights. These shades are so natural. Don’t be afraid; the color builds with application, so you’re not going to get too much. Feel like you need more color? Add the misting spray. Be brave! Blush away! Click here to view prices and color choices!

PS - we aren't the only ones who love Savvy. Click here to learn more about Savvy's growing popularity!

Written by Holly Haeger of Essentially Brave Thymes


🦋April PROMOS 🦋are here and they are LIFE giving friends!!! And yes!! Check out that 400pv Tier!!! I know we have so many members who have completely turned their homes into a YL only home and budget all their home cleaning products, personal care products, and supplements onto their Essential Rewards orders.

But first…

⭐️ Not on ER yet?! You’re missing out! Watch this video here all about ER: https://youtu.be/GyEAJ5AsWwg

⭐️ And remember to enroll in YL GO for the best shipping options. Click on this link to learn about YL GO: https://youtu.be/9wLDgFxSLGY

➕BONUS ER points! By placing a 100 pv order on Essential Rewards this month you get 10 additional free points!! WOOT!!! Remember if you are sharing your oils 100pv allows you to earn full commissions as well. Alright, now for all the FREE products!!!

➕Vetiver: (5ml) Calming and Grounding. Diffuse this with lavender and orange at bedtime. Rub a little on the back of your neck if you can't shut your brain off or if you need to calm down a little person. We also love to use this oil for a focus. It is super thick so we like to use a dropper top for easier access. Here are 8 reasons why you should be using Vetiver, too ! (from the YL blog) http://bit.ly/2gKjCuA

➕Clary Sage : (5ml - ER Exclusive): This gorgeous oil is not only wonderful for a woman’s sleep but her hormones will love this . Clary sage contains phytoestrogens- plant based estrogens. It is grounding and comforting and just makes me feel very womanly. I love to diffuse this with Orange and patchouli . If you haven’t tried this one yet you are in for a surprise this month.

➕Lemon (15 ml - Also a vitality oil). Lemon is a cleaner for all difficult spots, high in limonene (Go Google that awesome sauce - no but really - do it! Jaw dropping stuff). Lemon vitality is an immune system powerhouse and helps to flush the body of toxins! Your digestive system will thank you when you add this to your water or Ningxia daily. We go through at least 2-3 bottles a month at my house! One of my fave trios to diffuse - lemon, lavender, and peppermint - smells like a spa!! 💗 🛀 You’re welcome!

➕Tangerine (15 ml- also a vitality oil): Another citrus oil for the month!!! Gah!! Nothing says spring and more sunshine that citrus fruits! Aromatically, Tangerine promotes happiness and can help calm nervousness and reduce sadness. 90-97% rich in Limonene and after researching Limonene, you know what a powerhouse this oil is!!! Tangerine vitality supports lung health, the liver, the brain, and the digestive system - wow! Basically get happy and get healthy all in one bottle!

➕Dream Catcher (5 m): Ok this is a big deal … I have never seen this in a promo!!! This is my daughter’s favorite sleep oil - we always keep this on hand. This blend stimulates the emotional centers of the brain, awakening creative thoughts and visualizations, and promoting greater potential for realizing your dreams and staying on your path. It also protects from negative thoughts and dreams that might cloud your vision. Who is ready to order this buy the gallon?! Yes, please.

➕Lavender Bath Bombs: Ok YL bath bombs are a product I don't think people treat themselves to enough but once you've experienced them you're gonna know what I mean when I say you can't be without them. Infused with lavender oil, there isn't just a hint of lavender but right when you open that bag you're going to smell the aroma! I am so excited YL is treating us this month to them for FREE. These would make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or just pamper yourself! These bath bombs will take your bath to the next level - like luxury spa experience in your own house! 😍😍They will also leave your skin feeling silky soft, too.

➕Goldenrod (5ml): This is a seasonal oil for us so we do not have it available year around so when you can grab it you get it, especially when it is FREE this month! Diffuse this with your Clary Sage and tangerine for a gorgeous spring time blend. And Goldenrod…well…let’s just say, go grab the Lucy Libido book and see what Lucy has to say about Goldenrod and and if you got Ylang Ylang for free in February or scooped it up when it came back last month… I can’t make any promises but those two together are the oils of LOVE and magical fireworks!!!! 🎇


Okay!!! What are you most excited about?!!!! I have to say it is a toss up between Dream Catcher, Goldenrod, and the bath bombs!!!!

Want to learn more about the promotional items? Click this link just below. https://sway.office.com/KzaV7gkVbZLKVcAB?ref=Link


Essential Rewards is NO joke! In the year 2017 I earned 1142 points to spend on product. All I paid was shipping on $1142 worth of product.

Last year I committed to spending the $300 per month so that I could get ALL the freebies available to me. I got well over a thousand dollars of free product ON TOP of that $1142 worth of free product.

The minimum you have to spend to be on Essential Rewards is $50 per month which is nothing if you replace your laundry detergent, all your household cleaners, and all your personal products with toxin free options from Young Living.

What would you like to earn for FREE just for buying the stuff you're ALREADY going to buy?



It happened! Young Living now offers two subscription services that get you FREE shipping (can I just say how much I love my Amazon Prime?). These subscriptions are totally optional, but before you decide, go to your virtual office, look at your past orders, and add up how much you spent on shipping last year? My guess is that it was more than the $59 per year (which gives you free shipping on ALL your ER orders (even Ningxia). If you also place a lot of Quick Orders, than YLGO+ is probably for you since its $129 subscription fee offers you 12 ER orders and 24 flex credits for any quick order. This is a GAME CHANGER! It’s open now to enroll!

To see all the details laid out in picture form, here is the link to the entire infographic: https:// static.youngliving.com/…/YLGoProgram_Infographic_US…

To see all the legaleze - here's a link to the details of the details: https:// static.youngliving.com/…/YL_GO_and_YL_PLUS_Terms_an…

To see the details on the Young Living site - click here: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/ opportunity/essential-rewards/ylgo

We would like to welcome our newest tribe members and recognize our current members for an amazing March. We are so thankful for you all!

Congrats Brian Colgan, Linda Cohen, Aubrey Straw, Heidi Miller, and Tiffany Brewster (Brady) for making the rank of Star🌟!




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