Declutter for More Abundance!

Clutter is more than just a messy room. The problem is that ANY overwhelm in your environment will create massive blocks to the flow of abundance. Your environment could be secretly sabotaging you. Eek!

This past weekend I was in Northern California helping my younger sister, Elle, move into her new home. Before I arrived she had already donated, sold, and threw away just about everything she owned...well, except for her Pog collection, circa 1994. #priorities

Upon my arrival, it really didn't seem like there was much to do but help her decorate the minimal little house. I was shocked when she said, "Oh, I still have tons of stuff to get rid of. There is still too much!" WHAT?! Where was she hiding "tons of stuff"? There were like two cardboard boxes and couple pieces of Ikea furniture. If she only got a glimpse of my closets back me, it's enough to scare anyone organizationally straight.

My sister has always been good at attracting money and spending it without feeling bad about it. If she wanted it, she bought it. No worry. No buyers remorse. No guilt. What was she doing that I wasn't? It seemed like every time I used to pay a bill, take a trip to TJ Maxx, or splurge on going out to eat, I would inevitably regret it the next day. For the last 2 years, I have really watched my sister. What makes her different from me when it comes to attracting abundance and making it look so easy?

Then it hit me like a ton of haphazard tumbling closet boxes. Clutter!!!! It is like a huge energetic barrier stopping me from experiencing the flow of my energy and manifesting abilities. When my physical space is cluttered, then my energy is blocked. But when my physical space is decluttered...miracles begin to happen.

It immediately reminded me of Jesus's disciples when he told them to drop what they were doing and follow him, but to leave their belongings behind. Why? I suspect that the burden of stuff would have preoccupied their thoughts, blocked their flow of energy, and dampened their ability to perform the great miracles he has in store. He knew that a cluttered mind would be unfruitful. Maybe my sister picked up this nugget of wisdom subconsciously growing up in Sunday school and somehow I missed this lesson along the way. Instead, I let fear and lack occupy my thoughts (up till now).

Sometimes it is a big step of faith to purge our life. We hold on to stuff for sentimental reasons, because we invested a lot into it, or some other reason that really just boils down to fear that we may not get it again. But, if it's abundance that I seek, focusing on fear and lack will never give me the result I desire. If I am not manifesting the life I want, it means there is something in the way. It's up to me to figure out what that is.

"What is decluttering? Simply put, it's the process of getting rid of ANYTHING in your life that no longer serves you. - Sarah Prout

Many people think that a messy desk is a sign of creativity. And it's true, some of the most creative people I know have messy desks, myself included (in the past).

But unfortunately, some of the most creative people I know also suffer from a lack of abundance, broken relationships, and the inability to focus for long periods of time.

The truth is, the things we hold onto can sabotage our wellbeing and they can keep abundance far away from us. The space it takes up is more than just the physical, it's the mental and spiritual space it takes up, too.

Join me, and make a decision today to go through your home and office and begin to make room for more abundance. Let's finally let all the stuff we've been holding on to, go! Let's start clearing our abundance blocks so we can start experiencing a life of ease.

Abundance Challenge #1 - Who's with me? Some great oils to use during this challenge are:

Release - to help us release things that no longer serve us we can move forward in our lives.

Clarity - to bring greater mental alertness and it is also emotionally balancing.

Abundance - is a manifesting blend which helps attracts wealth and health in our lives. The frequency of the oil is the same as the brain.

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