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Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Goodbye September, hello October! It wouldn't quite feel like October if we didn't have a little pumpkin carving, Sunday football snacking, savvy costume ideas, spooky diffusers, and apple dessert. Am I right? It may be getting chilly outside, but let's not allow that to stop us from digging right in to this month's oil-infused tricks and treats.




There's nothing worse than spending hours perfecting your Halloween pumpkin carving only to have it attacked by rot, bugs, and mold. Unfortunately, most preserving sprays are made bleach, acrylic spray, petroleum products and other toxic additives that we should avoid. But, guess what? We can totally make our own with our Young Living essential oils. It's easy, inexpensive, and totally effective. Check out some of the results below of pumpkins sprayed with all-natural pumpkin preserve spray compared to those that are not sprayed:

Members have found that Peppermint mixed with Thieves Household Cleaner works as an excellent natural Halloween pumpkin preserve spray to prevent all of the scariness above. In fact, spiders, ants, and other pests hate the scent of Peppermint oil.

Written by Hannah Shields

FEELin' FOXY - A toxin-free COSTUME MAKEUP TUTORIAL using savvy minerals

I'm in love with this super cute but oh-so-simple costume from the Bunny Free Beauty Blog, aren't you? I'm going to show you how to achieve this look easily and without any toxic junk using some simple versatile products from our Savvy Minerals makeup line from Young Living. Unlike those cheesy use-and-toss Halloween makeup palettes from the bog box store, these items can be used for your day-to-day look long after the costume festivities end. WINNING!

Any successful makeup application starts with a clean, toned, and moisturized skin for the perfect flawless finish. I love the skin care products from Young Living. I've been using them religiously for nearly 4 years and I have seen some DRAMATIC improvement in my skin – less crape-y skin, virtually no breakouts, more hydration, more evenness, and less fine lines and wrinkles. I am pushing 40 and you wouldn't know it by the appearance of my skin.

Since Young Living released the Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil at the June 2018 International Grand Convention, I have been loving the unique moisturizing qualities of this cleansing oil. What is a cleansing oil? A cleansing oil is an oil-based cleanser that dissolves substances (oil, dirt, makeup, sunscreen, surface debris, even waterproof makeup, etc) while leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized versus a traditional cleanser that is made up of surfactants which interacts with substances and sometimes leave your skin dry and thirsty.

ALL skin types, especially those with oily skin, can use Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil. Simply pump 3-4 times of product into your hands, rub onto your dry skin and face, dampen your fingertips & make small circular motions over the product, then rinse with warm water! If you choose the double cleansing technique, follow with Orange Blossom or Art Gentle Cleanser. It’s lightweight; contains 10 essential oils including Rose, Jasmine, and Sandalwood plus many carrier oils like watermelon seed, rosehip, and jojoba; easily removes makeup and sunscreen; and leaves your skin so, so soft! I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing at first, but instantly fell in love. I can’t get over how soft my skin is!Now I just swipe on a small amount of ART Refreshing Toner to tighten up my pores with a cotton round, and follow that with a tiny bit of ART Light moisturizer since this cleansing oil already has moisturizing properties in it. Plus there’s no need for scrubbing or extra wiping off of eye makeup since it does the job for you.

PRO TIP - Do not apply moisturizer close to your eyes before makeup application. This may cause your makeup to smudge and smear. Apply moisturizers to eye area at night before bed, if needed, to keep them looking hydrated in the AM.

Now that we are washed and moisturized, let's get SAVVY! The fundamentals of this tutorial can be used for your everyday look, so anything you purchase or already have in your collection can be used day in and day out!

Step 1: Prime your face with Savvy Minerals Mattifying or Hydrating Primer to create a super smooth, flawless finish with the best coverage. (Optional but oh-so-effective!)

Step 2: Apply Savvy Minerals Foundation over entire face in your shade with the foundation brush. For more coverage, use the Savvy Minerals Misting Spray to wet the bush for a wet application. Need help with application and choosing the perfect shade?

Find Your Shade

Each tone of Savvy Mineral Foundation—Warm, Cool, and Dark—comes in various shades, with No. 1 as the lightest shade. As the number goes up, the shade gets darker. Using your undertone and the shade finder, select the shade that’s closest to your skin. For your truest tone, look at the skin on your lower cheek, near your jawline.

Find Your Undertone

The first step to flawless foundation is knowing your undertone. Our Warm colors look best on yellow, peach, and gold undertones; our Cool colors look great on pink or red undertones; and our Dark colors have neutral undertones. Not sure which undertone you have? Look at the underside of your forearm to find out. If the veins on your arm have a green tinge, you’re likely warm. If they look bluish, you likely have a cool undertone. You can also get some hints from the jewelry and clothes you wear. Which metals and colors look great on you? Which make your skin glow? If you reach for silver jewelry and white, black, blue, green, and blue-red clothes, you probably have cool undertones. Tend to favor gold jewelry and ivory, cream, brown, warm reds, and yellows? You likely have warm undertones. Disclaimer: If you order a Savvy product from YL and it is not the right color for you, YL will replace it with another shade of your choosing. No problemo!

Step 3: Apply contour with Savvy Minerals Bronzer with the bronzer brush to create a refined jaw look. I love the Summer Loved color for this, but if you are very fair, please try the Crowned All Over. Apply to cheek bones (but don't apply to apples of cheeks), on either side of the bridge of the nose, and along sides of forehead. To create a more slender jaw, you can also apply bronzer to just under the edge of the jawbone to slim the face and neck. BLEND, BLEND BLEND. Even though this application is great for a day-to-day look, don't be afraid to use a little Savvy Misting spray with your bronzer to create a more costume appearance.

Step 4: Apply lighter contour with the new Savvy Minerals Matte Veil, using a clean bronzer or foundation brush. You may want to work this step with some Savvy Misting Spray in layers to achieve a very white foxy look on upper lip and jaw. Use the veil lightly on the center of forehead and bridge of nose. Blend down the neck and up towards the ears to enhance the effect and dust on a little veil just under the eyebrow enhance your brow bone.

PRO TIP: Try applying your Savvy Foundation and Veil using the Baking Method. See video below.

Step 5: Touch up eyebrows for a full and uniform look with some Savvy MultiTasker using the Savvy Eyeliner Brush with a little Savvy Misting Spray. I have very dark brown hair, so I use the Dark. Choose one in closest to your eyebrow color. You can always tweak the color with your Savvy Foundation. Here's a great demo on the MultiTasker.

Step 6: Use a little MultiTasker on the crease of your eyelids to open up the eyes and give them a little definition. It's not called MultiTasker for nothing! You can use it to shape eyebrows, as a eyeliner, and also as an eyeshadow.

Step 7: Using the Savvy Jetsetter Eyeliner with the eyeliner brush and some Savvy Misting Spray, carefully apply your eyeliner on top and bottom of eye, and running along the bridge of the nose, inner and outer eye to create a cat-eye appearance. Continue applying to bottom of nose and along upper lip to create the foxy features. Using the tip of of your eyeliner brush or a fine tip Q-tip, place dots above upper lip area with wet Jetsetter to create the whiskers.

Step 8: Finish your Foxy look with a bold lip. I love the new Cinnamint infused, 100% vegan creme lipstick colors that Young Living released this summer. They are bold, more matte-like, have great staying power, and leave your lips totally soft and moisturized. Any of the new colors would work perfectly!

Touch up any Jetsetter on upper lip after applying your lipstick as needed. Curl your hair and add a super cute Fox headband, like this one, or get crafty and make your own. Wear a comfy burnt orange/cinnamon colored shirt with black leggings, and your favorite black kicks. Go bold and pin on a cute tail, like this one, to complete the Feelin' Foxy costume. Feel free to get creative and transform this look into a bear, cat, deer, or other furry woodland creature. Happy Halloween! If you decide to rock this look, PLEASE take a photo and post it to our We Are Abundance Facebook group, for a chance to win a fun fall prize!

Tutorial by Hannah Shields


Photo from @imjustnotwell


It’s one of those words that we can sink our teeth into. Everyone has personal experience with belief. Be it a moment where you knew in your soul that Tom Brady was about to mount an epic comeback, or that as soon as the first leaves turned yellow every mom rocking a minivan and Spanks would be lined up at Starbucks for Pumpkin Spiced anything.

Belief is one of those emotions that we use daily. It’s something we lean on when we have nothing else left. It’s why there is such a thing as Cleveland football fans. And it’s sometimes how we cope with the financial pressures life throws at us. We believe that we are making the right decisions. We believe that our kids will grow up to be better than us. We believe that all this hard work will pay off and our goals will be achieved. Without belief, we wouldn't get out of bed every day. Without belief, we’d give up pushing our kids to achieve their greatest potential. Without belief, our wives would never survive the summer. Belief is the emotion we cling to when our doubts encroach on our dreams.

So, next time your belief is waning, grab your bottle of Believe. Diffuse it, rub it in your beard, drop a couple drops in your kid's hair, whatever. Use it to help jump-start that powerful emotion that leads us to all the greatest things in life…. even if it is a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks.

Written by Bart Shields


➕Oregano Vitality 5ml (ER exclusive): Oregano Vitality is incredible for purifying, cleansing, and building antioxidant & immunity support. Have you heard of Inner Defense << Only one of YL’s most amazing immunity building supplements. It’s made with a triple-threat combo of oils, which includes Oregano. It's THAT good. Add just a tiny bit to your pasta, dips, and more. Or put a couple drops into a veggie capsule with carrier oil and take as a daily supplement to stay well this fall and winter.

➕ Cinnamon Bark 5ml (ER exclusive): also comes in Vitality (same oil just different labels), which is fantastic in all of your fall desert recipes. Cinnamon Bark has been studied for it's unique effects on balancing healthy blood sugar and supporting healthy, energetic adrenal glands. You can diffuser cinnamon this fall with orange or Stress Away for the perfect warm, fall scent without fear of toxic chemicals from those typical store-bought candles.

➕ AromaEase 5ml: Minty, herbal aroma. AromaEase essential oil has naturally occurring constituents menthol, l-carvone, zingiberene, linalool, and ocimene. It soothes and calms the body, mind and spirit and can easily be interchangeable with DiGize for it's similar digestive supporting properties. This is a very soothing blend especially when diffused and applied to the back of the neck and over the shoulders. I find that children and pregnant women really love this comforting blend. It's great for the bath too!

➕Thyme 15ml: There's always time for Thyme! It's a cousin of the peppermint plant and has the same warming properties but without the chilliness. Thyme is a fantastic oil to help stay well during the cold season. I love rubbing a few drops of thyme together with V-6 carrier oil on my legs before bed for intense relaxation and immune support.

➕Palo Santo 5ml: According to Lindsey Elmore, our resident pharmacologist, Palo Santo (aka Holy Wood), from our Ecuador farm, has the same psychopharmacological effects as cannabis when inhaled - creating general calmness of the body and peacefulness of the mind. So.....get out your bottle, put it in your diffuser, and start taking some big deep breaths. Getting into a small enclosed space helps!! *wink wink* In addition to it's amazing mood enhancing benefits, Palo Santo also majorly stimulates the immune system with like Frankincense, but Palo Santo oil is a sweeter and softer oil to use, and doesn’t come with the skin sensitivity. Palo Santo oil contains contains 75-76% d-limonene which is almost unheard of in tree oil, and the next highest in volume than citrus fruits, which make it EXTREMELY cleansing to the body. This oil is highly emotionally grounding and calming and supports restful sleep.

➕MultiGreens: In Canada, MultiGreens is registered as a Natural Health Product by Health Canada which means they have looked closely at the ingredients and researched how the combination and balance of those ingredients might affect our bodies … which means they have several health claims attached to this product which include:

  • MultiGreens helps to support proper liver function.

  • It is a factor in the maintenance of good health.

  • This unique supplement is a good source of antioxidants that help fight and protect cells against/reduce free radicals as well as protects cells against the oxidative effect of and the cell damage caused by those free radicals.

  • MultiGreens is a source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein in the body. In addition to its many other benefits, MultiGreens is also a helpful workout supplement.

MultiGreens is a nutritious chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. MultiGreens are made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and YL essential oils. This power packed supplement provides a daily source of greens that can be used as a tool for energy to help get you through the day. Skip the fuss of smoothies and green drinks and go straight to MultiGreens to help invigorate and revitalize your body!

➕Seed to Seal Story Collection (10ml bottles of Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree): This is an October exclusive promotional item and will not be available for purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to stock your cabinet with some tried and true supermom oils. These oils make up the basic trio for just about everything that happens in your home from skin needs, minor aches and pains, and enjoying the outdoors nuisance free, as well as the core of Young Living's Seed to Seal story of purity, transparency, and commitment to quality.

✨So who is ready to jump on YL Go /YL Go Plus and grab up these 400pv promos ?!!! All of these promos added up at your member price is $293.50, that you get for FREE, AND if you’re at 20% on ER you get $80 in YL cash (ER points) back! Deal. ✨

Written by Hannah Shields

Decorate your diffuser FOR THE HOLIDAYs!

Lets get crafty!! Things you're gonna need:

  1. Access to internet (OR be good at free handing)

  2. Printer

  3. Scissors

  4. Tape

  5. Young living diffuser

Step 1: I went to google and typed in “spider web clipart” (or whatever your heart desires) since halloween is coming up, I wanted a spooky theme. You get the best results with a dark, bold, black and white picture so any clipart is usually best.

Step 2: Print it out fairly small, I did a wallet size print.

Step 3: Cut out around the picture as close as you can. It does not have to be perfect!

Step 4: Grab your diffuser lid (I used the new Lantern Diffuser from Young Living) and tape in your cut out clipart on the inside of the diffuser wherever you think it fits best. For the dessert mist diffuser, you can just go right on the outside.

Step 5: Fill up with your diffuser with a nice fall blend and set the lighting to a color that makes you feel festive.

You can do this for any holiday or occasion. Get creative and fun! It’s a great way to personalize your diffuser or decorate your home. It definitely opens the door for oily conversation.

Tutorial by Cierra Cameron


Show us your diffuser decorating skills and get a chance to win a $50 account credit (just like cash) to use on any order! Please post your decorated diffuser on our We Are Abundance Tribe Facebook Group for a chance to WIN!

Drawing closes on October 31st at 11:59PM


After the damaging summer sun and before transitioning into the crisp, cool weather, a quick hair mask can do wonders to keep your locks full and supple. Here's a great recipe from one of our own tribe members to keep the tresses flowin'.

Step 1: Shampoo your hair with 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda mix with water. A small squeeze bottle like an old clean mustard or ketchup bottle is perfect for this. Rinse.

Step 2: Apply a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, water and essential oil mixed together(1-2 drops of lavender, cedarwood, spearmint and/or frankincense). These oils are great options for promoting hair growth and a healthy scalp.

Step 3: Apply a 1-2 tablespoons of raw coconut oil. Cover your hair with a plastic bag for 20 mins.

Step 4: Remove cover, shampoo, and rinse. Voila!

Written by Tiffany Brady

How they measure up: conversions for COOKING WITH viTALity OILS

Cooking and baking with essential oils is such a fun and enjoyable way to utilize your favorite vitality oils this season. Did you know that essential oils are 100-10,000 times more potent than dried herbs and spices? Just a drop or two of vitality essential oil can accomplish what teaspoons and tablespoons used to. Here are some handy conversions to help you recreate your family recipes with ease using your Young Living vitality oils. (Feel Free to save this image for easy reference.)

Please note: Young Living Vitality oils are contain the same oils in the bottle as the regular oils. The FDA does not allow a product label to contain both dietary supplement facts and cosmetic usage (aromatic + topical), so YL created the vitality line to be easy to and understand. However, you can use the oils with or without the vitality label interchangeably.

We would like to welcome our newest tribe members and recognize our current members for an amazing September. We are so thankful for you all! www.youngliving.com/ids

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